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New Album:
Omnimi - "Eight Moons"

"Eight Moons" is Omnimi's debut album, released in 2010. It is available both as audio cd and digital download.

Omnimi CD

"Io- Jupiter I"
from the latest album

Track Listing:
1. Phobos - Mars I   5. Neso - Neptune XIII
2. Io- Jupiter I   6. Nix- Pluto II
3. Titan - Saturn VI   7. Namaka - Haumea II
4. Oberon - Uranus IV   8. Dysnomia - Eris I

Eight moons from eight planets. From Mars to the distant dwarf planet Eris. Caught in an infinite path around their master. Carrying only a spear to protect them. Passing over the same places, counting the time, defining the cycles. "Eight Moons" is a music inspired from these bodies.


Phobos, god of panic fear, flight and battlefield rout. Son of the god Ares (Mars). Together with his twin brother Deimos, accompanied their father into battle, driving his chariot and spreading fear in their wake.

Io Io, nymph of the river Inakhos and lover of Zeus (Jupiter) who transformed her into a white heifer. Later, Zeus restored her form with a touch of his hand and she gave birth to their son Epaphos (Touch).
Titan Titan, the god who instructed mankind in the observation of the stars and establishment of the natural or farming calendar. Brother of Cronus (Saturn).
Oberon Oberon, the king of all of the fairies who is feuding with his wife Titania, the queen of the fairies.
Neso Neso, the Nereid of islands, goddesses of the sea.
Nix Nix, goddess of the night (nyx), mother of Charon, one of the ancient Protogenoi (first-born elemental gods).
Namaka Namaka, daughter of Haumea, a sea goddess - spirit in the Pele cycle.
Dysnomia Dysnomia, the daemon of lawlessness and poor civil constitution. Companion of Adikia (Injustice), Ate (Ruin) and Hybris (Violence). Daughter of Eris.

Music Composed and Orchestrated by Yiannis Kranidiotis.
Produced by Omnimi.

Album cover art based on "Stemt Rood!" by Albert Hahn, 1918.
© 2010 OMNIMI Music.


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Omnimi Eight Moons.

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